Optimizing FB Ads for lower CPM

How to optimize Facebook ads with lower CPM (cost per thousand impressions)?

Facebook ads not working for you?
Are you looking to bring down the average CPM rate?
For your advertising to be effective you need to reach your target audience in a way that resonates with them.
Which means the right person at the right time with the right creative.

How do we do that? Here are few tips:

  • Segregate mobile and desktop ads, do not use a single ad and let FB engine disburse at its discretion.
  • On FB we have 2 placement options: Newsfeed and the right column placement
  • Create optimized artworks for each, even if its the same artwork. Optimize desktop newsfeed and right-column ads separately.
  • Test your ads
  • We recommend a 2-pronged test:
  • Test our audience selection.
  • this ensures the filters you have put in to reach your target audience are enabling you to reach your audience
  • Test your creative.
  • Is the creative resonating with your audience and engaging them

Like we mentioned earlier for an ad campaign to be successful you need to reach your audience and engage them, So to ensure fulfilment of both goals we recommend a A/B test for tuning in on both aspects

Facebook allows A/B testing.

  • For the Audience, A/B testing, have 2 audience segments and target a single ad.
  • Once you have finetuned your audience try two artworks targetted to that single audience to test which approach resonates better with your audience.
  • Choose a call to action: This is important as once you have your customer’s attention you want them to take the next step in engaging with you and your offerings. Choose wisely.
  • if you are selling online or on Facebook or any online platform buy now / shop now is a good option.
  • if you are educating your audience read more is a good option and that can lead to your site / Blog page / Youtube channel depending on your mode of education.
  • if you are promoting a video watch more is a good option to choose. The c=video could be hosted on FB locally of on youtube in the latter case you will be moving them out of your Facebook page.
  • Selecting the right call to action is an important step and Facebook allows you to choose the right call-to-action button from its list. This impacts the click-through rate.
  • Install Pixel– a code that Facebook allocated to your profile on your website / any site that you are driving traffic to. This allows you to track visitor activity on your website, which in turn enables you to remarket to the customers in line with their tastes and needs, increasing the probability of converting them.

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