The building blocks for successful Digital Marketing.

The building blocks for successful Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing an integral part of the New Normal and today one and all are touting and promoting it.

Mentioned under various names Social media marketing, Search engine marketing, PPC and so on, the jargon keep changing and evolving.

All said and done, if Digital Marketing is yet not a part of your marketing plan then it needs to be. In fact, it needs to be a part of your business strategy.

As the dependency of finding information, answers to all questions and entertainment on the internet deepens, so does, the time spent on this media – hence, one cannot ignore it.

Furthermore, this media offers a unique value proposition.

One it is measurable; you know what you are spending on and what you are getting for that spend- something that was never feasible with the traditional media. 

Secondly, it allows you to communicate with your target audience, follow them along their purchase journey, constantly learn about them, from them. 

Finally, it allows you to tweak your strategy in real-time, fine-tune it or amend it to deliver the desired ROI.

It all starts with having a web presence, a place that allows your customers – existing & potential, to know you and what you offer.

Next comes, getting visibility online, it is today the busiest media. With a lot of people vying for your customer’s attention, how do you get the eyeballs? This is where it gets interesting, In the online space, for your customer’s attention, you compete not only with companies in your segment, but companies across industries.

So, some foundations to put in place as you plan your DM strategy:

  • An intuitive optimized website
    • A website/web presence of any kind needs to be simple, designed to clearly articulate what the company offers and what it stands for. 
    • Products, service availability and pricing (if applicable). It should have a simple intuitive user interface, designed to walk your customer for the best presentation of your company & offerings. 
    • Make sure you get people to the core message in minimal clicks
    • Have a section upfront that showcases the updates.
    • Optimize the site content and design to be search engine friendly (SEO optimized).
  • Define your mission
    what do you wish to achieve with your Digital Marketing initiative?  What do you wish to do create Awareness about your offerings, generate interest around them, generate fresh sales, focus on repeat purchase or achieve customer sustenance or simply wish to do Brand building?
  • Define your target audience
    • There may be different target audiences you may want to reach out to define their demographic and psychographic profiles
    • Ensure the communication designed addresses the audience you are targeting
  • Research the buying journey of your audience, identify their influencing gears
    • Knowing your customer tells you when & how they search for your offerings
    • It tells you whom they consult or reach out to before deciding on the purchase’
    • Their interests & hobbies

  This helps identify the best way to reach and engage them

  • Define your keywords – Keywords are words that people use to seek out your products or services &words that define your services.
    • Make sure that the content you create online – across communication channels – integrate these keywords
  • Design your social media strategy
    • Today’s world is about telling stories, people want to know your brand story, your values and guiding principles that make you
    • The route to get your story out and connect on a more personal level – Social media handles are must
    • Just having social media handles is not enough they need to be active and have a consistent flow of stories that may be about the company, the customer, or how your offerings are making a difference

  • Social listening – Listen to what is being said about your company & offerings
    • It is important to know how you are perceived
    • What are people who have engaged with your company or products feel about it?
    • Especially keeping an ear to the customer grievance/ employee grievance sites is a must.
    • This goes a long way in impacting your reputation and results of your DM initiatives

Now that you have the foundation set it is time to take the leap.

As you proceed to take the leap, a word of caution, remember that the web is a very unforgiving place, whatever you do, it remembers. Hence plan, review and carefully think it through before you executing.

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